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In love you need to express feelings


she cann\'t understand me.but she is very sweet person


Hey San,

First of all your question, I am not able to interpret completely but I will try to answer as far as I understood the question.

Assumption 1:
Well you want to make her understand that you love her, the most simple way of making her understand this fact is to tell her. Be a man and tell her, not like a street romeo guy, be gentle, polite , respect her presence and her feeling and tell her what you think / feel about her. See, until you tell this to her the default answer would be "No" now if you tell this to her and she responds it positively you have hit the bullseye and if she gives a negative answer there is no change in the situation (As the answer you thought was already no). So go and do the honors.

Assumption 2:
You folks are already in a relation and the lady is not understanding you. See, this is a problem of misunderstanding or a conflict of interest. Both of you sit and analyze what you are and what you want. How things should move ahead, personally I feel in a relation there should be no conditions and things should be as transparent as possible.

Well San, I am not sure whether you got your answer, but from a single line question I could only interpret this much.


Take care,

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