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Loving only doesn't work


Dear Neptune,

I love a girl and she loves me, we have been going around for last 4 years but the problem is I haven not bought any gift for her. Whenevr I say that I will bring one she says that I will not take because I dont like it. What should I do?

Please suggest


Hey Jack,

It's good that you folks are going around for 4 years, I appreciate that. Well this is a common issue either the girls are very demanding or they are just reluctant about taking any gifts. Well Jack, see there should be gifts in a relation. The problem might not be that the lady doesn't like gifts, it could be that she might be confused / afraid of taking it back home. Afraid about the fact that what she is going to tell her parents. I would suggest one thing whenever you meet her just give her some chocolates, and once in a while gift her small goodies like keychain, a hand-purse or anything of that sort which would not be a problem taking home. Try this, I am pretty much sure the lady would be happy, but yeah if you start giving chocolates on every meeting make sure that you take them always as a habit because you are giving birth to an expectation so don't break that.

Keep writing.


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