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Distance Love

Dear Neptune,
I have a big problem which is; I fell in love with ****** however due to distance we cant be together. For him to come would mean to have a visa and its not easy. He also works on a ship which does not make it any easier for our relationship and its hard to make it work or solid and so realize our true feelings. What can we both do?


Dear S,

It's good to fell in love, or rather I would say you should always rise in love. As the big preachers say, "Distance should not be a problem in love", what is important is the feelings, yeah you are absolutely right that conveying feelings is a bit difficult. But please understand that love has some practical obstacles and distance is one of them. The best thing is to cope with that. Well is there any possibility of you / he mailing you and continuing the communication OR either of you can call each other. If he is in ship, he might be landing to some place quite often and I think you both can communicate. It not necessary that both of you be in front of each other for expressing feelings, you can also take this positively that the inspiration to meet you will make him work more efficiently and the wish to meet him will make your days beautiful by thinking about him.

Don't take this as a problem, try to be in touch through any means, e-mail - phone - or snail mail (not sure whether thats possible from your side).

Work is also important for love to sustain, as love only doesn't suffice the need. If he is in ship probably he might be working for 6-7 months a year and the rest of the time he could be back home right? so that time can be utilized to the fullest. And I am sure the occupation he is might be through choice and not by chance so quitting that also is not advicable.

So my basic advice is to be in touch through whatever means possible when he is away.

Thanks for contacting,


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