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I am married & love another girl

i am a married person age of 30year. We have been shifted our house to another place where i met one girl who is staying just next to my flat and woth in few days i like her. So one day i proposed her and she said yes to me even she knows that i am married.Initially she calls me and send me messages every days. Even i got late in office she msg me to come soon.Now my problem is last 10days her behaviour is very strange. She never calls me and sned only one msg a day. When i felt that i should talk to her about her, she said that she still love me and because of her parent and her busy office schedule she couldn't able to call me.Pls advice that what could be the possibility of her behaviour like this because these is all disturbing me.

Pls help meRegards

Hello K,

First of all let me tell you bluntly that you are not on the right track of your life. There is a woman who has trusted you and agreed to live her whole life with you but you are upto something else. The other lady's behaviour (not your wife) might have changed because she must have realised that she is doing something wrong and definitely both of you are wrong. I strictly advice you to be out of this relation as soon as possible as this is going to ruin many lives going forward. I am sure I have not solved your problem but you yourself is creating a big problem. I am sorry I can only advice this much as of now

Thanks for writing,

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