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I love him but not sure whether he loves me.

Dear Neptune,

i like a guy, from my maths class but i dont know if he likes me, too.He is friendly to me, he smiles at me and sometimes he tease me. He seems that he likes me as a friend. But there are times that he is distant, cold and nervous. Im not sure that he knows about my feelings. That's the reason i dont know how to treat him. Im friendly with him but maybe it is better to be cold and distant, too. What should i do?


Hi K,

It's a fact that love has no boundaries - age, caste , religion no bar. But If are very young then I would suggest to concentrate on studies. Well anyway I dont know your age so I would suggest you what to do.

See, you like him but do you love him. There is a significant difference between liking & loving. Loving needs a lot of commitment from both ends. If you love him, the only solution is let him know your feelings. Before saying that you love him "Hope for the best & Be prepared for the worst" - why I said this because if he also loves you nothing better than that but God Forbid if he doesn't be prepared to face it. There are times when people over-burden themselves with negativities so please don't do that. Express your feelings and make it sure that you convey him if he is not interested there should be no problem in your friendship and it should continue as it is. Friendship is probably the purest relation on earth and if it moves to the next step it happens to be the divinest. So 'K' go ahead, express your feelings - I will pray for you. And you said he is nervous & distant sometimes, just approach him at that time and ask him what is the problem. Probably you may not be in a position to solve it but atleast you can share it.

So Best of Luck

Thanks for writing,


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