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Love Her, but she is avoiding me

hi neptune

tis is sri.... i fell in love wth my cousin ..she stays in other town....jsut little bit distance 2 me...when i go home i used to see her....n rcently she came 2 know abt tat iam her cousin.....n interesting thing is tat i chat wth her...don't talk over phone much.. she did n'tgive me her all these contatct details actually ..i some how got them... so we had chat for some time.....n these days she is avoiding me.... i don understand why she is dng lik tis? n iused to read her scrapbook oftenly..is it the reason for online rejection wat's ur sincere advise to me.. plz help me in this regard.......

thanking u


Hi Sri,

See, first of all try to gauge that whether she is angry because of the fact that you got her details from a different source. Tell me one thing while you were chatting did you reveal you real identity to her. If not then this is the reason, might be she has understood your real identity. If you told her about real identity then she might have understood the feelings you carry for her and in some communities having a relation with relatives are not very much appreciated might be this is the reason she is avoiding her.

See these are possibilities, the best possible solution is talk with her and understand why is she acting strange. Understand her problem and just let me know, probably I could guide you better at that instant.


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