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Friendship & Love

Hii came across the blogspot and thought maybe you could help...i thinkthat i am in love with a former batchmate...it has been 5 years sinceschool but i can't stop thinking about her...during this period i hadmet her few times...our conversations hover around general topics....ihave an inkling that she knows about my feelings but she responds as abatchmate to my messages recently i have been thinking that probably she'd be happy without meand i should let go for her good...but still i can't get her out of myhead ...i am confusedmann


Hi R,

The best way to get out of confusion is to destroy the root cause of confusion. It is simple just talk with her. Convey that she is a good friend and request to be a good friend whatever her answer is. Express your feelings in a very sober manner & give her time. Even if she says no dont get disappointed give her time and be good friends.


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