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Know your importance in her life

Hey Sri,
hi neptune..........hru?.tis is sri.......... i asked her through msges only..budt did't get even one repply...i tried 2 call her ...but she was not receiving my call..but am sure she scares of sthing...may be..just tell me how 2 sort out tis issue...if i met her directly shld i ask why she is dng so ........plz guide me neptune............

waiting for ur repply


Hi Sri,

Do one thing for the coming one week dont contact her at all. No phones, no messsages, no chat & no e-mail. You should strictly follow this. This would help you in understanding what you mean to her, if she communicates with you then be very casual and respond only to stuff what she has asked. Just behave with her as an ordinary friend.

Do this without fail. If she doesn't respond then probably she is the not the proper person for you. I don't say she is bad I mean to say that probably both of are not made for each other.

Try following this

Take care & concentrate on other important aspects of your life too.



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