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Misunderstanding in Relationship

Hi,(I saw this site on the net and thought you could help.)I have or had an ongoing relationship with a girl. And we both told ourselves that we love each other. And a couple of weeks ago we had an misunderstanding and we nearly broke up but later we talked about it and solved it. After that due to some problems at home i didn't contact her for a couple of days but now when i contact her she doesn't receive my calls and turns her mobile off.I can't figure out what's going on and why is she doing this????Can u tell me what to do???or an advice would be great!! T.R.

Hello TR,
  • Primarily you should analyze the root cause of the misunderstanding
  • Try to resolve & rectify all the mistakes that happended from your side
  • Try sending her a text message stating why you couldn't contact her for some days
  • If you know where she commutes go over there without her information and try to talk with her
  • OR Text message her that you would like to meet her and request her to come
  • While doing all the above stuff always respect her feelings and try to understand what she has to say.

Hope this helps

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