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I want to solve his brother's problem

You can call me Ann... Im havin a prob is that i love a guy n he too loves me alot.... but after i got into with him and in 2 days i came to know that he wnt be able to marry me because of his family probs. his elder had a love marriage but everythn was ok... the caste, religion everythn bt unfortunately becz of no adjustments they had divorced each other and my guy has been seein all this... i know he luvs me alot but there are a lot of probs in this... the prob is that he is a north indian and im a south indian. he is around 10yrs elder to me n he is not the same religion. infact there are only 2 probs and so he cnt marry me as he knows how his family will react and i dnt want to force him to marry me... i have told him that i wnt tok abt the marriage and wen he goes 4 hs marriage i will stop everythn..
here i want to do only one thing... i want to solve his bro's n wife's prob nt to make my route free bt i want to help him to bring them together.There prob i can explain....... They have the prob of tym... his bro is not being able to giv more time and the lady was stayin abroad so she has been in that way... they have a small child also who is living with his mom....... the prob here is that they have divorced. is there anyway that i can do to bring them together... thats all i want to know.....
please advice


Hey ann,

There is something known as fate, people can manipulate things to a certain extent but not completely. You try to concentrate on your life and try to make it possible. Try to convince the guy you love & if things go well go ahead. Try to convince him that things will not be the same as his brothers. I will also advice one thing, dont ever push him for a relation, just let it happen. Just try & dont worry everything will be fine. See Ann for you to solve his brothers problem, its possible but very very tough. Because they have realized that they are not comfortable with each other so they wouldn't think in a positive way, atleast not immediately.

So concentrate on your relation & try to convince your man.

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