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Meeting him for the last time

This is with continuation to your reply. Now anyways i cnt do anythn. he is gettin married in 2-3 months for his mom. he still says tht he loves me... bt i have decided to get far from hm. today i will meet hm for the last time and then i tot of stop callin him. can you reply to me soon if my decision is ryt or wrng. I will stop for his good, for him to live happy in his married life. please reply. thanks


To let go is the biggest thing in life & we call it "SACRIFICE".. See love is for ever & probably your decision is perfectly right. Let things happen their way when it comes to relationship, and who knows there might be something better that might be coming your way. Dont worry & trust yourself & God.

I would say that you are doing the right thing. Wish him luck for future & I would like to wish a happy life for you. You are a good lady at heart.

God Bless

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