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I want my love back

Hi Dear sir, first of all i highly admire for helping people with love problems.

My name is asif and i fall in love with a women that broke my heart and left me in the darkness, in the begging of the relationship both of our feeling were the same and beside we had alot in common but now after four months of separation and knowing that at this moment she in relationship with someone else, i know that she is not inlove with person she is with at the moment and knowing that she still have feelings for me but that problem is that i cant get her back no matter waht i do and i want her back becuase i think is the right person for me. what do suggest for me

please advise

sincerly yours

I would like to give a short reply to you.

If you believ in love there is a small rule in life.
"If you love someone, set the person free. If the person is your he / she will definitely come back, if they don't then it was never yours"

Hope you got the message.

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