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Money Matters

hello: Neptunei am an 18 year-old grade 12 boy.I attend school in one of the good schools in my town.i am in love with a grade 11 girl.When i proposed her, she accepted my love.But not so long, one of my teachers proposed to her now she does not even talk to me,when she does she talks to me as if i am a little boy.She even said that once i have a car and a cellphone, i can come back to talk to her.I am angry with my teacher.I love this girl.I visualized her as my future wife.what should i do? Get rid of the teacher and the girl or myself?"please help!please give more advices by looking at both sides of human rights.


See if the lady is asking for materialistic things then probably she dont deserve your love. Try to understand people, watch around there are much better people who will care for you rather than the things you give.


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