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School Love

m a 15 yr old girl.2 months before a boy in my class proposed me after he broke up with the previous one .he was in love with a girl two yrs younger than him.that girl is still his friend. in the beginning, he was really good and romantic sought but from few days he hardly talks to me.our class teacher is very doubtful and strict,so we dont talk in front of her.but i think he is ignoring me and still having something with that girl.please reply early.i hope u dont reveal my id

Hi Ash,
It's true that love has no age & it starts happening at your age. First of all understand if its love or infatuation. Boys at this age just love to roam around with girls so understand whether he is really serious and honestly you are very young to be committed. Enjoy life dear, there are many good things in life.. Enjoy it. Commitment can come later. Dont get tensed by these things so early, enjoy friendship, enjoy relationship with parents & give time to yourself. I would suggest strongly that dont get into any kind of relationship commitments as of now, gradually it will start restricting you for many things. Every thing should be done at its time and I know love happens instantaneously, but try to be friends first -- understand each other & then go for the next step, give time to yoursef & your partner.


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