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Dating is like Marketing

Dating operates in much the same way as marketing. Like a sales person you have to sell yourself. You dress up, put the product's (your) best qualities forward, and introduce yourself to as many people as you can. The more targeted the market the more people who are going to respond to you. Just like in marketing your fear of meeting new people will limit your successes.Imagine this scenario. You are going out to socialize with a lot of different people. You want this evening to be very successful so you put on your best clothing, brush your teeth, carefully comb your hair and splash on your highest quality aftershave. You cleaned out your car the day before and polished your shoes. Now that you look your best you are going to have to sell what you have to offer. That means putting away your fear of meeting new people.

Are we describing a salesperson or a person trying to find a date? Actually, the same scenario could be used in both instances. The little snippet could describe an interview, a sales opportunity, a local club, or even a date. There is little difference between them. The processes and skills use in marketing are the same ones used in dating.Just like in marketing you can even run statistics on your success rate. For example, if you are selling widgets you may have to talk to a hundred people to get one person to purchase your product. This means you have a 1% success rate. If you want to go out on a date you may have to meet a hundred ladies to find the few you would like to take out on a date.We can increase those marketing and dating numbers by targeting our market.

This would require us to build a customer profile. These profiles usually include demographic information like income, education, personal preferences, social class, etc. Once we know who our most profitable customers are we advertise in mediums where these people congregate (we go to the places where these women go).The more targeted we are, the more we are able to sell ourselves and the more people we meet. Preparing yourself in advance will lead to higher success rates. If you knew that dating was a numbers game it would make it much easier to put away your fear a successfully find a date. You simply need to meet around 100 women a week to get 1 to 5 dates. Don't be afraid to meet people and get out there and shake some hands. Passing out your business card would probably not hurt as well.

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