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College Love

I have a huge crush on this guy and doing all kinds of wierd things just to see him and be near him.He probably just takes me as a joke since he laughs whenever he sees me.I got to know that he likes poetry so i wrote him this poem oon how its so easy for guy to approach a girl he likes but a no win situation for a girl.We are in the same college and he is my senior and I have seen him a lot of times looking at me and we wre in the treasure hunt and debate too but in his reply he said he liked the poem but he has no idea who I was and so I just told him to forget the whole thing and that it was just a dare but he happened to tell so many people and now people just stare my way.I know I sound all stupid and confused and thats because I am...I still like him in the sense I am all red when he is around,increase my trips to the washroom just in order to catch a glimpse of him...please I am freaking out here !!!help me out!!


Probably you are one of the most wonderful lovers, anyway thats not the point.

Sometimes when you give over importance to somebody, the other person just start taking you for granted. Do one thing, just start ignoring him. Even if he is around just behave normally and dont acknowledge his presence at all.

Anyway even after so many attempts if he doesnt acknowledge your love then probably he doesnt deserve your wonderful love. Practice the ignorance act and if your earlier good deeds have impacted then that guy will approach you.

There is a love philosophy "Love is a bird, set it free. If it is yours it will come back, if it doesn't, it was never yours"

Good Luck !!

Thanks for writing

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