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Dual minded love

I really need some advice. I have this really nice guy, who likes me and likes my child. He's been an in-and-out kinda guy though. He's always working or at school. But that's about to change as he's about to graduate. From college. He's kind, funny, good for my child and always makes me smile. I enjoy his company and love the ways we have so much in common. Now he's ready to spend alot more time with me and start to get serious. What's the problem you ask? There's another guy. I hate to say this because it sounds so... Slutty?... This guy is the one I've been satisfying my womanly urges with. Bed buddy? Something along the line. He got ripped apart by how a 6 year relationship (not me) ended. He makes me laugh, is a really good friend to me (not just in bed) and always has time to talk. But he's not ready to settle down again just yet, and not quite ready to stop partying. I know he likes me for me, because we've been friends a long time, way before we went there. He's not sure how long it will be before he's ready for a relationship. I really like him too, so I'm not sure what to do. Do I go with the guy who wants to settle in and go from there, or do I wait for the guy who is a wild card never knowing where he'll settle? Please give me some advice.


I get a feeling that the first guy "loves you" and the second guy "likes you", hope you get the difference.

Well, do one thing, confess everything with the first guy and say that you love him but just wanted to be honest. If the guy takes a gulp and still is ready to commit, then trust me you have found a gem of a partner. If he doesn't, then too, you shouldn't be having any hard-feelings towards him as he is being honest, just like you.

But before the conversation make a point that you value this friendship a lot and you would not want to lose it at any cost.

Hope it helps !

Thanks for writing

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