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Lond Distance Relationship

Hi Iam Sh...

I have a girlfriend and we both are very much serious.... even our fly members knows abt us so thier is no issue of getting married........ we both going around from past 1yr and 4months...... but as nw iam working in dubai and she in india......... she was very good earlier but nw as we agrue for everything and fight for everything .........i feel as if she not interested in me any more..........i want mental peace........ i asked her several times if u not happy then will break off but she says dont want.... iam totally confused....... plz gv me proper advice for this

Hi Sh..

Long distance relationship (LDR) has its own disadvantages, though yours is not exactly an LDR from the day 1 but yes eventually it turned out to be an LDR. See, if fight happens or argument comes up it doesn't mean that the other person is low in interest, there might have been some misunderstanding. So primarily try to understand the problem and then act accordingly. With you miles away she might also be upset and the problem might be that with all things favorable you didn't propose her before moving to Dubai. Rather than asking for a break-up, take a step further, initiate and propose her for marriage. Also send a cute gift to her, need not be expensive but something that will touch her heart :)

Hope it helps !! Good luck

Thanks for writing

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