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SMS Love Mishap

Myself MV,

Actually i m in fdalling in love wid a girl in my coaching but i think dat she doesnot love . 6 months earlier we were talking normally , but due to an sms we were not talking each other . so i just want to get back dat friendship., so the ques is how...? please help......

Hello MV

Love cannot be gained by compulsion or pressure it has to come within. The girl might not be viewing you in terms of a relation. You said there were some misunderstanding because of a message. Send her an apology message, meet up and confess your mistake. There on get her confidence and commit that you are just a friend and nothing further will happen. I think this should help.

If she gains some trust in you and she herself wants to proceed further then it is a bonus :). But at this juncture dont expect her to come back. Just be honest with your words & deeds.

Thanks for writing

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