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The Trust Factor

hi i am very much confused abiutmy relation bcz i love one guy from past three years ago , he also love me , but his character is doubting attitude, he is not allow to talk with any one even with my cousins or friends ,if i am friendly with them he start connecting affairs with them only he wont think they r elder or younger than me plz get me a suggestion? wt shall i do ? but i love him so much , i cant forget him, plz get me a suggestion plz


Tell him bluntly that you love him and you are ready for a committed relationship, but it is completely impossible to be a prison-bound girl who cannot talk with anybody else.

See, his behavior might be because of over possessiveness. Don't get into a fight but make him understand calmly that whenever he relates you with somebody else it is reducing the value of relation, his respect in your eyes and above all IT HURTS YOU VERY MUCH.

He will understand.

God bless !!

Thanks for writing

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