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I Love A Girl | I am confused

I have been seeing my girlfriend for about two years now and we have been living together for the last six months. I am 24 and she is 21, and we have similar goals in life and are very compatible. Our relationships was a shock to the both of us as we found each other appealing in a way we never thought we would. She is my everything and I am hers. We are very much in love and would do anything for one another. We are each other's biggest supporter. Although things are great, I have a couple concerns in our relationship that I am able to bring to her attention, but when we communicate about them, nothing ever really gets resolved. Our families and mutual friends are supportive of our relationship, but she is having difficulty telling her friends that are not mutual amongst us. I have told my friends about my relationship and when ex boyfriends contact me, I let them know I am happily taken by someone awesome. However, this is not the case for her. She will talk to them, and when asked if she is seeing anyone she always replies "no." I have told her several times that this is hurtful, but still nothing has been done. She is worried that it will shatter her reputation or friendships if they find out she is dating a girl.

Furthermore we used to be much more physically intimate. We are both not hardcore about sexuality and doing things on a daily basis, but we would fool around weekly. We have not touched each other sexually for over 5 months now. I have brought it to her attention that I find this time frame a little alarming and asked her if it is indicative of her wanting other things/new relationship/space etc. It is beginning to wear on me and I notice myself distancing myself from her. She asks why and I tell her its because it is apparent she needs space. She tells me she loves me and is in love with me, but I am just struggling to believe it now.

Four months into our relationship she kissed another guy but was honest and told me a few days after it had happened. I forgave, and never bring it to her attention anymore -- that is part of forgiving. Most recently she contacted an ex-boyfriend via facebook and told him that she was sorry she was short with him the other day and that she actually missed him. I asked her if they had been facebooking him and she said no. It was not until I had to confront her and tell her that I saw her facebook left open that she began to explain herself. This is also not the first time she has been flirty via facebook messages to guys. Her friends have no idea we are dating so she feels the need to look as if she is still interested in guys.

I love her very much, but her actions are beginning to show signs of warning. I bring these things to her attention and she thinks I am just overreacting because she loves me and would never do anything to hurt me.

So, what is my problem? Any advice?


Hmmm... Honestly this is one of a kind relationship I am giving advice on, but then love has no borders , no conditions & no limits.

Well you both are in a sensitive relationship. It might be true that the other lady loves you a lot & would not want to hurt you but then she might also have started thinking about the conventional way of it, atleast on the physical side of things.

It is pretty natural for people to get inclined towards opposite sex, I think you should not worry about it, talk to her and just try to say that you are also sort of getting attracted to a male. See her reactions, if she supports you understand that she likes you very much but wants to get conventional.

Coming to your question, what is you problem -- Well your problem is "Over-possessiveness" . Its good to like & love somebody but don't impose love on anybody it eventually gets destroyed. Just give her the required space, if she is getting close to somebody else it is her choice well it definitely has you too involved but then a relationship happens with 2 people. In the meanwhile you also re-assess & analyze what you want on the long run, is it this or a conventional relationship.

Just take a break & think about it.


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