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I love my Ex-Girlfriend's best friend

i really need sum advice..
a year back i had dumped dis girl before her b'day..because of that i had spoilt my reputation infront of her friends..now after 1 year i like a girl who's her best friend and i dont know wat to do..,i dont think that she wud ever say yes to me because i was the one who dumped her best friend nd she wud think dat i will do the same thing with her..
please help...


First of all I don't know what is the reason you dumped your earlier girl. If it was a genuine reason then there should be no problem in confronting you thoughts to the new girl OR else try to asses her feelings towards you.

Try to understand her feeling through some common friend and then take a next step. As I said majorly things depend on the reason why you dumped your ex-girlfriend. If it was a rude, selfish decision and her group sympathizes the lady then it might be tough for you to convince her friend.


God Bless

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