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School Love

Hi i m xyz,

When i was in 7th std a boy in my class used to stare me, smile at me, always finding ways to talk to me...... he used to sometimes aswel sing song

He used to be happy in my happiness and sad in my sadness slowly this continued and we reached in our 10th std . me as well as my friend realised that maybe he loves me but he never confessed it to me. He is extremely shy boy very intelligent and thinks of the world more than himself. Now even i am in love with him . now he is my college aswel . i have confessed myself to him but yet he has not responded. My friends had smsd him askng about him but he replied that he is not interested in all this thing. But i love him a lot . what should i do now?


There is a famous saying when love comes into picture - "Love is a free bird, set it free. If it comes back, it is all yours, if it doesn't come back it was never yours". Set your love free, love him but don't be possessive, if he has feelings he will definitely come back.

Anyway you are in high-school so concentrate on your studies, let him also study well. Let your love grow with time and it will be yours. Be positive, all good things will happen to you.

In the meanwhile you talk to him & say that you had confessed what you thought & that doesn't mean that he has to have the same feelings.

Keep the friendship & try to be a part of his feelings.


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