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Want my Ex back


In my life there was one boy in my life sine 5 years but he cheat with me for other girl he told that girl about me that he is not love on me and that girl also told him to live me but i cant leave without him i realy love on him he is not ready to talk with me he forget me but cant forget him he dont care about me now i want he back in my life please give me sollution what i have to do please help me.



I have been continuously saying the same thing that in relationship you can;t achieve anything by force. If a boy doesn't feel any emotion even after 5 years then why do you want him to come back.

Leave it lady, that boy doesn't deserve a gem like you. Your love has been pure and that is the way it should be. I know it would take some time for you to adjust to the new phase of life, but trust me being strong would be a complete change in your personality. It will give a new dimension to your life.

Don't force him to come back. Start developing a new hobby, it could be reading. music , stitching, cooking or whatever, start it, keep yourself busy and MOVE ON.

 YOUR LIFE IS NOT DEPENDENT ON ANYBODY. It is just what you create it. Be brave, love yourself and take care.

God Bless

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