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I Do but should I

Am VSC (female) From Mumbai. Age- 24.

My bf NA Age- 30

We have been in relation from last 4 yrs. in these years there was no gal who came in between.

My bf is extremely a soft guy. I couldnt meet in between for 2 months due to my family problems which my bf knows very well and he does understand it..

The gal neha who is in his office started being bit close to him. and he fell in love. Some two days back my bf cried so badly and i got to know from my Bf that they are going on from last 3 months and they did kiss eachother...

The 1st day when i saw her i told my bf plz be far from her. But he took it lightly.......

Now i am not able to digest this thing as i love him more than my life.

i told him watever happened forget itr and plz flush her out. he said i should not breakup with him. He wants to marry and he loves me only.

I accepted it. I told him i will never leave him.

But plz advice me how should i go about this matter.

Nick Replies:


I am happy to see that both of you are very matured. To answer your question, I feel you should go ahead because your BF has shown the guts to confess what he did, this shows that he really loves you or else he wouldn't have felt guilty. I really appreciate you for understanding him, you are a great lady.

But just make him realize that you forgive him and you trust him more than anybody else and such deed in future will shatter you.

I feel both of you will have a wonderful life together

Good Luck & God Bless !

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