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Past Haunting Me

hello sir ,
my name is ............. i m a student of bsc (voc) first year. me and my boyfriend we met in last year in our phy tution.we love each other madly. infact i will love 2 say that he loves me much much more than i love or dan i ever thought.............. my bf's entire family knows about me.but my family is very very narrow minded only my brother knws dat i m in a commited relationship.but the exact problem is dat i had a very very damm bad wala past he knws everything abt it but i have a different kind of feeling dat i just wanna run away from my past and i don't wanna face it ever again in my life.i think i have already beared its punishment i hve already cried for entire 3 years for dat stupid relationship of mine.he don't have any kind of problem from my pst but i have built up a guilt 4 myself within me .i don't knw how 2 express my self my self but ya i reaaly knws is ki i just wanna rid of every thought of my past. i have a different type of guilt widin myself .which at times irritte him as he just don't wanna  me sad or lost in my past ...............................

please help me

Nick Replies:


See in relations you are happy or you get hurt. To be honest I have not exactly understood what guilt are you facing but I respect your privacy & would not like to invade it. Well as far my advice to you, FLUSH AWAY YOUR PAST. You will not gain anything out of it. God has given you a wonderful opportunity to be happy again after sending a good friend / partner to you. If he knows and completely accepts you for the person you are then you are one of the very few lucky people in the world, generally it doesnt happen. So be thankful to God.

And for whatever reason you are hurt or feel guilty, I am sure the person who hurt you must be happy and enjoying his life. He might be going to movies, having a relationship, and doing all things that makes him happy. Then why are you SAD. Just think about it, if that person has hurt you then he doesn't deserve to be in your heart and mind. Be happy girl, Life is short. Trust in God and be happy with your guy.

Remove all the bad thoughts of your past and if you continue cribbing over your past then it may damage your current good days and wonderful days to come, is it worth it ? ABSOLUTELY NOT. If the current person loves you give him 10 times back. Just think about yourself, this guy and your family. Unless and until you dont be happy you will never be able to make others happy. Be Happy, Be Good -- Enjoy Life.

God Bless !

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