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Waiting for the right time !

Hi...!! I m ______ ,there was a girl in my school whom i liked a lot bt
never had such thing that i had to porpose her , i jst liked her.
 After few months i saw her in a temple a couple of times nd i talked
to her , i hve never had an interaction with her bfore ,when i
approached i told her my name ,then i asked if she could be my friend
, she replied in negative nd went . After few days i again met her at
the same place n dis time she kept on staring at me til she passed i
did nt talked to her after dat i met her quite a few times bt i
couldnt talk to her, nw its been 3 years since i last saw her. I just
want to know ,if it is right to ask her now ?....i like her a lot i
cant stop thinking about her ...pls help me out?

Nick replies:


There is no right time or wrong time if you love someone. Just express it.

Also keep in mind one thing, you can't force someone to love you, it happens naturally.

God Bless !

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