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Friend or Family !!

Hello Sir,

 I'm a 21 year old girl. I happened to fall in love with my friend in college. As friends, we were pretty close. We talk to each other often and used to meet frequently. Initially I gave him few hints to let know that I love him. But it did not work out. Later, I proposed him. He told me that it was a surprise from me and that he didn't expect it from me. He asked me a month's time for deciding. I waited. After a month, he told me that he likes me so much as a friend but he couldn't think of me as his partner. That hurted me a lot. And then, I thought I could get away from him since I couldn't be his friend anymore. But he told me that he didn't want me to leave him and he never wanna lose me as a friend. He told me that it didn't happen on me as of now but he might fall in love with me in future. He said he is clueless about the future. Now, I'm put into a difficult situation. 

                        Should I continue talking to him as a friend believing that one day he will fall in love with me?? or should I get away from him in order to move on? ....

Sir please send your reply to my mail. I will also check your blog for your reply. Thank you! 

Nick replies

I don't see a problem in talking with that guy when he has clearly mentioned that he likes you as a friend but this should not be in belief that he will love you some day, this would not be the correct approach and you would not do justice to your friendship as well your love.

Be a good friend and don't expect anything more than that. The guy has been honest in saying what he felt that itself shows that he is a good friend.

There is an old saying for lovers:

"If you love something, set it free, 
 If it comes back it will be yours always"

Be a good friend !

God Bless 

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