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Love and Relationship | Struggling due to past

 i love a girl,her name ____,she also loves ma very much,we can't leave without each-other,bt i was alcoholic & lofer in my past,her mother think that i'm stell a bad boy in present,bt i'm realy totaly change now,for this reson her mother try to break our relation,i'm helpless,plz help me

Nick replies:

See it is very obvious on her mother's part because she will be apprehensive about giving her daughter to a "supposedly" alcoholic guy.

But as you say you have changed prove it to her mother. Try to meet her mother and assure that you will be a strong support for her daughter. Also give her the confidence that you will not get into the earlier mode of being an alcoholic.

It is only proper communication with her mom that can sort this problem and the communication should build confidence in her that you are saying the truth.

A big factor is you have to prove that you will keep her daughter emotionally, mentally, physically and FINANCIALLY secure. I have intentionally written "financially" in bold because this is big consideration for parents while looking for a partner for daughters.

Hope this helps.

God Bless !