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Love Mistrust & Uncomfort

i am 22 years old.i have been in a relation for the past one year.since a few months,my boyfriend(lives in another state)has started being hell dominating regarding my interaction with other males.he restricts me of even having formal interaction.i have deleted my accounts from social sites(he hates male batchmates send me requests and also suspects,i changed my number and not given my new no. to any male batchmates i know.things become miserable when i am not allowed to sit with my female mates if they sit with guys at the college canteen or go out for lunch,movie etc.so avoiding guys have made me go far from girls too(as they spend time with boys)and therefore i miss all the fun these people have.i about to go out for further studies and even there the situation would remain same.he becomes wild in such issues when i interact (or about to interact) with males.he is suspicious as well.i cant make him understand so i have decided to end it here.but i f ear what if he gets mad and threats me later or cause trouble??

Nick replies

Go to him and speak out your frustration. Make him realize that you have been honest in this relation and due to his pathetic behavior you are ending it.

I don't think he will create any problem in future, because, out of my experience people with low guts & self confidence behave like this

God Bless !