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Foolish Love

hello sir .i love a girl,her name is ______ ,she also loves ma very much,we can't leave
without eachother,bt i was poor compared to their family.im 22 nd completed my bparmacy .it takes me minimum 2 more years to settle in life .and she already started doing her mba from a very good bschool..
their parents are willing to get her married in next two years .
how should i get her.wr are not willing to get married through other ways i ...i am not intrested in her dads money or her dads name .i even tried to die by sleeping pills and toilet cleanesr .i had a brother .love him very much . if she gets married to some other person im ready to die.wanted to make her parents agree our love .pleas sir give me sugestion ..
waiting for ur reply


First of all HAVE GUTS TO LIVE. If you are ready to die if she doesn't become a part of your life then probably you don;t deserve her.

Do you have parents at home, brother and other people who love you, think about them before you do any foolish act.

I am not interested in giving you a solution because you are not worth it at this point of time and you are not ready for it. First love yourself and your life that is GIFT given by your parents & God to you, then think of loving somebody else.

Contact me once you become strong, start loving yourself and is ready to face anything and everything in life boldly.

God Bless.