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Friends with benefits !

My relationship is not really a relationship its more of a friends with benefits type thing. My fwb and I have been going at it for over a year now. We both talked to people but never had sex with anyone else. About 2 months after I moved in with him (after a year of messing around) I got pregnant. After finding out that he's going to be a father, he still continues to talk to girls. We're together all the time so I know he doesn't really do anything but it still bothers me that he still talks and flirts heavily with these girls! He knows it's wrong because he only does it when I'm asleep and then tries to hide it when I wake up. Or my personal favorite is when he takes a two hour shit when I know he's on his multiple dating sites. So my question to you would be, am I right in getting angry at him? And what should I do about it?


If you have a clear understanding that you are in a "Friends with benefits" relation then you shouldn't get emotionally involved. Or else be honest with him and share your feelings for him, probably he might not be knowing what you feel for him.

Hope it helps.

God Bless.