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I am what I am but...

I am 22 years old and have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for almost two years. We live in the same house and we have been struggling this summer. One of the problems is that she gets annoyed with me about little things I do. But the bigger problem is that she gets mad that she is annoyed with the things I do and will be mad about it all day which has hurt our relationship. I don't try to annoy her with these things I do, it is just apart of who I am. I have been doing my best to not to do them as often and think of her.
My main question is how do we make a permanent fix? We have talked about this a number of times and we only can think of temporary fixes. She's tried ignoring them and thinking "that's just who he is" but that doesn't seem to work for her.

Nick replies:

This is not what I generally suggest but if you feel the girl gets annoyed over things that you do then stop doing it. But before doing it, analyze your deeds and assess whether things you do are right or wrong ? whether things you do is essential or you do it because of your habit.

Understand one thing in life, whatever happens to your life "You" are responsible.

Try to avoid doing things that annoys the girl in your life. If the girl has tried ignoring your deeds and made an effort to work things out then now its your turn to stop doing things that annoy her and when you do it-- do it holistically.

Hope it helps.

God Bless