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Long Distance Love

Hello.I'm a 20yr old girl...I was in a relationship for a year which was a long distance relationship(another state).It was going very good in the beginning till 1yr.We both are of same cast and all.I was really very happy with him and could see him as my life partner.But with time he started to be busy and ignorant.He hardly replied to my messages and calls.He never replied me properly.I was really addicted to his chats and talks and when suddenly it stopped I was moved.It made me very sad.I asked him why he wasn't replying...He never gave a proper reason.I love him a lot and cannot think of loosing him....I cannot imagine anybody else in place of him....I got angry to him at times when he didn't reply...I now regret all those things...I want him back...I want the good old days back....Plz help me.....What can I do to get him back?


If you opt for a long-distance relationship then be prepared for such situations. First of all try to give him space, he might be really busy. I think its your possessiveness, that is creating an issue. Its absolutely ok to be possessive but the problem starts when you start having negative feelings along with being possessive. You might be probably thinking that he is involved with somebody else, and this might be making you insecure.

Trust your partner completely, if he is yours he will be yours. And for the anger you expressed, it is normal and apologize for your deeds and try not to contact him for few days if he doesn't reply.

Love yourself girl, you will automatically love everything around you.

Hope it helps.

God Bless