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Love - Mistake - Persistence

i love a girl she is basically a junior colleague of mine, i proposed her but due to initial involvement of too many colleagues, making mockery of her, me then persuading her for me spoiled the relation . i got depressed and kept on persisting and she kept on denying and telling she is not comfortable. some of my acts in depression were extremely emotional. it is eight months now and
i feel she took my depression as a negativity in my personality and my persistent efforts as weakness, she told several time it is infatuation. she blames me though never disclosed for initial discomfort too her. i love her truly and want the things to be corrected and need a solution which i should follow.please


Well I have repeated this many a times -- "if you love something--set it free. If it doesn't come back, it was never yours -- If it comes back--It will always be yours"

If you have the guts to practice a single sided love, do it but I wouldn't recommend it as life is beautiful and there are tons of things to do. 

Try to express your feelings honestly and convince her that you can take care of her. If she agrees, that's the best thing to happen, if she doesn't then start loving yourself, because you are very precious for many other people in your life.

Hope it helps.

God Bless !