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It's Shy... It's frustrating

Hey, there need your help big time. I am 18, first year student. In December, I gave a rose to the girl I like in college. She was shocked at first as she didn't knew me exactly despite being in same class. I tried talking with her after that, but didn't quite happened. When we first talked, she cleared up saying 'just friends, nothing more than that'. I agreed upon that as I wanted any way to just talk with her. We don't talk regularly and overtime I have developed feelings for her. She doesn't seem interested. She's quite shy and keeps things to herself. A friend of mine told she doesn't interest in love and all and will probably ditch me or ignore me if I get too close. I too am a bit shy. But I really want to be with her. The end of semester is two weeks from now. I really get frustrated when I miss the chance to talk with her. Our practical time do not match too. Help me please!

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