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Love Problem - Too Complicated

Dear Sir my problem is very complicated... So before that let me tell you i am 24 she is 26 eventually what she had a number of boyfriends but not sure she had a affairs. i know her from past 1 year at time of starting i gave a clarity to her that " I need a relationship like life loong together i don't like break up in the middle i will marry u " so if u interested then we will... At starting should take me lite but after showing my love she just turned she showed Intreast on me but suddenly I heard that her ex boyfriend was came and she started talking with him she maintain physical relationship with him also and me too. i use to fight with him so i got bad remark in her heart. as i discuses lot of times as i am not loving ur body i am loving u i.. I know about ur ex but still i am not ready to leave her... i really loves her more than my mom also. I want to marry her but unfortunately I got bad remark even in front of girl parents due to i use to fight with him.and not i am unable to forget her... Sometimes I tried to leave her but my love on her unforgettable.. and now she is talking with my and with her ex also... So what i have to do i want to marry her still.... And one more question that being a man i have to forget her either being a lover i have to set her life in proper way???

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  1. Let her go. Leave her for 3 months with him. After 2 months contact her back. Everything will be alright. Meanwhile concentrate n diverted your mind in ur work but strictly never fall into a relationship. If in this 3 months time u wld to approach to some other girl keep in pending. She wants her reaction after being with him for 3 months. Should be positive result if she is made for u. Don't worry


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