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Love Problems - The game of promises

I'm 18 years old girl .I have been in a relationship .I love him a lot and I know he also loves me .But after a few days ago he had to know that his mom already engaged a girl (named Rosy) for him .And his mom promised that girl's family that she'll do everything to get that girl as her daughter in law . And she forced my boyfriend to make promise that he'll never talk with me .If he do this then she would kill herself. .That's why to save his mom's life,he is unable to take any communication with me . But our life is unavailable without each other and we don't want live without each other
what should we do in this situation??

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  1. Text your man and write to make his mom understand
    #PS -a mother ll never take such step to kill herself if son marries a girl other than her choice.


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