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Trust First... Then Love

hi.. Me and my girl are in relation from past 6 months amm from 17 Aug -14 :P. I like her since my childhood, no shez 21 nd me 22. She was in another relation before me which was according to her went for 4 years.
Now the problem is she got admission in a university and she is making allot of friends.. i really dont like this thing .. somtimes i feel she is lying to me. The problem with me is I am not finny as much some guys are.. I really want her to be in me.. i dont to her to go to any body else... please help me in this regard.

Nick replies

Start trusting first and you will see the magic. Love is all about trust and giving other person the space to breathe. Do it and you will see a difference. And above all, if you love someone have the guts to handle the pain of he / she going away.

Practice unconditional love, it works and I am saying this based on my experience.

God Bless

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