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Love Problems - Love with unlimited boundaries

i am a 20 yrs old girl. i hv been in love with a guy about 2 years. we had a very good faithful relationship and were fully committed to each other. he is the same age as i am. we are studying in different colleges in different states. so we barely meet each other. we dont get to see each other. we had planned to get married as soon as we got settled.
but recently some problms crept up between us. he was olws over protective towards me. and olws told me what to do and what not. and as a committed girl, i never had any problem in listening to him. but i m a bit childish by nature. i easily forget d little promises i make to him, lyk. i wont watch horror movies, i wont share my no with any facebook friends, i wont go out anywhere wtout informing him. he olws got mad at such thngs. he is a sensitive guy and i fully resptect that. but the problem is with me. i olws end up hurting him unintentionally.

recently he was home with his parents and we dont talk whn we stay at our homes as our parents are very strict. so instead we text each other in facebook. but during dos days i had xms.nd i dint text him for about 4 days. dat ws it. he broke up with me. he said that he wont ever be able to love me agn. and that he dsnt wnt a relationshp anymore. i tried to talk to him but he was adament. he even cried saying that he had dreamt of so many thngs bt all gone. and tht he wll never marry anyone else accept me. but he refused to come bck.

dn he stopped rcving my calls and texts. whn i call he jst keep repeating the same thngs rudely and scolds me. last night i texted him apologizing and begging him to come back, he was cold. at last he said dt he wl tell me if his feeling sfor me returns back. till then i shud stay away from him. dn he blockd mt numbr. moreover , he made it clear that i shud not keep hoping that he wl return surely coz he may not.

i m willing to wait my whole life for him nick. but i am afraid that he will eventually forget all about me and move on. and i wont be able to bear tht. so i am thinkng that i will go to his college ftr about a month and meet him. we dont see each other at all. and meeting each other, getting to hold each others hand were olws big thng for us. i feel that he sees me in front of him, he will surely melt and his feelings will return . and i cn win him back. all my friends are advising me to move on, but only i know what he means to me. so please tell me, whether i m taking the right decision by thnking of going to him. i shud tell u that i have never travelled alone in my life and a bit afraid of strangers. but to get him back, i am willing to take all the risks.
nick, please help me.

Nick Replies:

If you continue this, you will do a lot of damage to yourself. Respect yourself, give yourself a break, go for a small vactaion and get ahead.

With so many restrictions it is not worth it.

Good luck and God bless!