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Not able to move on | Love Problems & Solutions

He is the one who loved me first when I start to love him he star changing and he broke up with me and after six months we we started dating again but at that six months we was having sex cuz I ask him if we could be friends with benefit cuz I don't want him to go with other girls and again he brok up with me I begged him but nothing changed it been 2 years now I can't forget him and when he wants me he call and I go we do our things as usual even when he huv girlfriend so what can I do I love him I try to stop thinking of him but I can't.

Nick Replies:

The toughest thing to do is not to miss someone. Well it comes with practice and being engaged in something that you would love to do. So primarily identify what are those things that would make you happy? It could be anyting right from calling up your mom, going out with firends, taking up a hobby, working out or anyting that would make your life better, the best thing to do all of the above.

Get going gal, life is beautiful and it needs to be cherished.

Good luck & God Bless