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Love Beyond Borders

My boyfriend was an Indian nationality, bachelor and we are working in same company. We've been together for almost 3 yrs. I'm a single mom, i have 1 daughter in Phil. Her dad died 8 yrs ago when she's just 1 year old. For 3 years we r happy together, only this month my boyfriend confess to me that his parents wants him to get married and they r finding a girl for him to marry. His very disturbed and asking me what he will do, he always tell me he dont want to hurt them, that all his life he always disobey them. He loves me but he dont know how to tell them about me. Please advise me,

Nick Replies:

It is a very challenging situation, especially if the guy is of an Indian origin. Considering the traditional affluence and belief systems it is going to be tough for your boyfriend to convince this to his parents. If he can confess and convince his parents then that's the best thing to do or else you guys have a tough decision to make. But whatever you do just be sure that it is the best thing to do because you have many more years in your life and your decision should be with complete focus on the future years to be happy. You be strong, very strong as you have a bigger responsibility of your daughter to be bought-up well.

Take Care.

Good Luck and God Bless