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He is from procurement team, and I am from marketing team. He has to take care everything related with the marketing team. Everyday, he comes to me and talk with me although it is not related with work. All of my colleagues are teasing me that he is liking me. I also aware of it, but we two are communicating like close friend. When I send the message, he replied immediately or a few minutes later. He sent the birthday wish to me at 12:00 am. I was so surprised. He told me I am the type of girl he likes. I am almost sure he love me. But, now he has to take responsibilities for technical team by order. I asked him you will help me although you move to other team. He said he will help me forever. After a few days he moved to that team, he treated me like stranger. Although I send message to him related work or other things, he didn't reply to me. His voice is also changed like stranger when I call. He didn't want to help me like previous. When I smiled him, he didn't smile to me. I asked him why you suddenly changed. "When you are part of marketing team, you treat me like sister and close friend. Now you treat me like stranger. Why you didn't smile me when I smile. You are cute when you smile". He replied my message. "Sorry to make you sad. I feel so stress because of work. I will be same and not changed. You will always be my sis. You are also very cute and I like your smile so much." I think he still love me because of his message. But, when I see him at office, I can still feel like stranger.

I want to know why he suddenly changed his mine. Please kindly answer me.

Nick Replies:

He already said his problem, trust him OR else speak with him over a coffee.

God Bless

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