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Love Problems

There is this guy i have been recently dating and he seems very weird and mysterious to me . He never calls me during day time, rarely texts me and when i call him , he never receives. He calls me always at around 3 am in the morning and when i ask him what does he do that late he says that he usually sleeps till late during day time so he does his most of the work during night time. He doesnot like me asking him as to why he doesnot call me and he says not to doubt him . He always says he will call me and never does , its only after 5 - 6 times of me callig him that he cals me back. I dont understand whats going on .

Nick replies

I think you should meet and discuss this in person. It is important to know the person well before you take a plunge. His behavior doesn't indicate anything negative at all but as you have started doubting it it better to communicate

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