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One Sided Love

I love a girl who is also my friend. We have been friends for last seven years since 2009. I have feelings from then only. We are in touch very frequently. We see each other once a week. We go for movies,events, lunch, dinner, shopping, together. In 2010, I confessed my love to her, but she rejected telling she has a boy friend and few days later she stopped talking to me. So after one year in last of 2011 she again started talking to me. That time she said that she broke with her boy friend. Then we again started seeing each other. Again I proposed to her and again she stopped talking to me. Later in 2015, She started talking to me after I said sorry and I convinced her that I will be remain just friends not more than that. Now its been one and half years and we have been regularly seeing each other. She takes these meets as only friendly meets not dates. She not only sees me for movies, dinner, lunch or other events. She goes out with her other male friends as well similarly like me. Now I am getting very much confused. What should I do. I am truly madly deeply in love with her. But like me she goes out with other guys as well. When I ask her does she has a boyfriend that she replies with "No". Please suggest me what should I do.

Nick Replies:

If you have the guts and patience then wait for her to love you. You can probably judge this if you be away from her for a while. Sometimes what happens is your presence gets ignored but your absence is felt. If she thinks about you as an integral part of her life then she would come to you and if not then please move on. Sometimes these waiting periods just happen to be "eternal wait"

God Bless

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