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Trust Issues

My boyfriend and me are in a relationship since last 3 years. It was a very normal kind relationship. I used to love him a lot since the day he proposed me. I could not understand that he is just playing a love game from me. He left me aftr the 2 months of relationship with some stupid reason.even after this i used to be very clean for him and finally he came back after 6 months and texted me that he wants me back. Moreover i forgave everything he did. Now relation was going gud. After our graduation we both have to take admission in different colleges. I forced him to stay in same city where i was staying. And he stayed. My problem was i never call him after reaching my home. Meets him everyday in college but never specially meets him. Aftr got admissions our relation was normal but after few months i came to know that he has talked his ex girlfriend. No matter i fought and forgave him. But later on i found that he is showing less intrest in mee and then i start exploring the reason. Then i found that he has started talking to a new girl, taking her to the lunch. Even after knowing everything i remain quite but one day something worst happened and i told him that i know what you are doing. Then he first try to cover that story then accepts his mistake and says yes i was talking to that girl from few months and i kissed her. That was very shocking for me. Soo i asked him to leave her and he said yes i will leave her but not telling her truth. He start making my heart emotional and start his appologise that i want you only dis dat. After being soo angry finally i decided to tell him a truth that i never told him earlier. And i told him that i am not v*rgin. He was known with this fact as we never had s*x before. He was shocked and much more disturbed. He used to abuse me with soo many bad words but i keep on listening. I am trying to make it up since 2 months but now he start saying that you never gave time. You never came for meetings. You are not beautiful. You are not rich. Why should i love you and what is left to love u. He forget every sacrifice that i made for him only. I never ever think about cheating on him. He always do that. But now he is not ready to accept me as earlier. Tell me what should i do??? Please help me!

To be answered 


  1. When there are trust issues then the relationship happens to be volatile.

  2. Leave him because he will definitely leave you


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